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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Reminder that Alternative Energy IS a Possibility

Clean energy alternatives are in existence and have been for decades. So why is this important field of study progressing so slowly? Why, when we have so much knowledge, are our homes so energy inefficient? My blog is going to explore ways to change this problem. I will discuss home features that can not only save people money, but also work toward the goal of preserving our planet. Some ideas for these types of features may also be found on sites like    Additionally, I will address specific forms of clean energy that we could use e.g., solar, hydro, and wind energy. Although I would like to take credit for the home improvement ideas I will write about, the credit belongs elsewhere. My grandfather was a geologist and a person who was passionate about taking care of our earth. Many years of his life were dedicated to experimentation and invention. He, along with many other scientists, made such progress in that field of study. It seems that people have either forgotten or choose to ignore that we have other options. Now, when the sustainability of our planet is such a crucial concern, I want to remind people of his original ideas: alternative energy IS a possibility.