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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Go Big Oran---, er, Green!

So I've written before about what UT is doing to be more sustainable. We have battery-powered bicycles, campus-wide competitions (who conserves the most energy, who recycles the most, etc), and we're now involved in these types of competitions with the whole nation. Yesterday, the Tennessee Volunteers played the South Carolina Gamecocks; although everyone was interested to see how we would perform on the field, the EPA's Game Day Recycling Challenge was also a concern. Last year, the University of Tennessee recycled 54.7  tons (that is a huge amount!) of waste during the football season, and we got third place in the SEC recycling category. This year, the goal is 80 tons, which would be 10 tons per game. Sadly, we lost the football game, but hopefully we'll win the Recycling Challenge! I'll keep you updated..


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