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Sunday, October 30, 2011

More cool things from the solar world

     On the same site that I read about spray-on solar, I read about some other pretty neat things. The researchers at the National Renewable Energy Lab have come up with new solar cells that absorb more wavelengths of light (currently, solar cells are only able to absorb wavelengths of the red spectrum). And, we already know that they work: these special cells have been used to power space technologies on Mars. The NRE Lab has worked with other companies, and now they have improved solar cells to a 43% efficiency, a big increase.
     Still another new technology is solar-powered LCD screens. Apparently, about 50% of light is lost and wasted when LCD screens are in use. UCLA researchers have figured out a way to use this excess light to make the LCD almost like a solar cell itself. They are continuing research in the hopes that they can use this method without reducing viewing quality.

Here is the site where I got this info:


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