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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Will and Kate cycle, too!


     Okay, so you might expect to see the title of this post on an entertainment site, rather than on a solar energy blog; that's an understandable thought. But, I think it relates to my subject matter...
     Obviously the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are hugely popular. Not only are many Brits fascinated by them, but many people all over the world are interested in them as well. It is their worldwide popularity that makes me think this story is blog-worthy. So, what exactly did the couple do that is so exciting? They went on a bike ride. (Sorry if you were expecting something more dramatic, but the title should have given it away).
     I understand that a bike ride doesn't seem particularly newsworthy, but the reason that I am writing about it is that it draws attention to sustainability. In my sustainability class, we read an article by Michael Pollan in which he wrote about the importance of getting everyone "on board" with something before a change can be made. He was writing about issues in the food industry, but the same can be applied here. Until a majority of people care about living sustainably (and doing things like riding bicycles instead of driving cars), it is difficult to make significant changes. When people who are in the public eye (like William and Kate) practice sustainability, it sets a positive example for everyone who is watching them. I think this is a sign of progress, and I hope more public figures will act in a similar manner.

*Note: The Duke and Duchess reportedly rent Boris Bikes, a program that seems similar to Autolib (which I  blogged about last week)

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  1. I totally agree that we need huge public figures like the Royals making statements about the environment and sustainability. But hopefully people realize that real change has to come from the masses.

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