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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good ol' Hicksville

Honestly, when I first saw this I just laughed. The name of this delightful little getaway is Hicksville Trailer Palace.  According to the Palace website, it was created as a sort of hideaway for artists to express themselves without being bothered by the outside world. It boasts several different themed trailers, a tipi, underwater speakers, a hot tub, salt-water swimming pool... and other random things that one might desire access to on vacation. So why, you might be wondering, am I blogging about it? One amenity in particular caught my eye: the salt-water swimming pool; the website says that it is solar-powered. Apparently, the "hotel" as they call it, is largely solar-powered. I read on Wikipedia that it is 95% powered by solar energy; I couldn't find that information anywhere else though, so I'm not sure how true that is. But regardless, it's still pretty cool that an entire hotel-like place is run by solar.

Hicksville Trailer Palace website:

Website where I got that picture:,0,7611395.photogallery

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