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Friday, September 2, 2011

Before I Dive in..

      Before I really begin to discuss ways to make homes more energy efficient, I want to write about (and share with you) an interesting video I came across. I know that many people believe that alternative energy is important and something that is worth our time and attention; but not everyone agrees. It is not those who disagree that most upset me, however; it is those who don't care. People are content with the way things are, so they don't want to see any changes. They don't realize that not doing anything will cause much more harm in the long run. But my point is this: alternative energy is a GOOD thing, and more people need to realize that.
      This video evidences some benefits of solar energy. It stated that fifty-thousand Bangladeshi are without electricity. Although Bangladesh's power plants are unable to support its large population, there is certainly plenty of sunlight. One million homes (in only two years!) received solar panels. Although we take such things for granted, this technology is so precious to these people.
      If I don't have you convinced yet, please keep checking for new posts!


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