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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Water in the Dome Home

     I've explained how the energy worked in the Dome Home, but I would like to write a little bit about its water supply as well. My grandfather built troughs around the domes to capture the water. The water then ran through a filter and into a completely enclosed 55,000 gallon tank under one of the domes. You might think: what happens if it doesn't rain for a while? That was never an issue. Because the tank held so much water, even if rain was scarce, there was never a shortage of water. Another issue might be the cleanliness, but that, too, was not a problem. Their water supply actually tested cleaner than the Naples (Florida) city water supply. So here we have another necessity (clean water) that was made available just by utilizing natural resources. This picture shows the trough on the side of the dome: 

Another interesting fact about this home is how strong it is. It has been hit by Hurricanes Andrew, Wilma, and Tropical Storm Fay and is still standing. My grandfather sold it after it survived Hurricane Andrew, and sadly it has been through a lot since then. Although it is no longer livable, its condition is impressive. Here is a link to a recent article about it:

This is a photo of the inside of the home after Hurricane Andrew:

Some pictures of the home before the hurricane:

And here is a picture (from the website I attached a link to above) of the Dome Home now... apparently it is quite the party hot spot:

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  1. Awesome to see the inside of this amazing structure. Can the Dome house have fan art? I have made several images of this unique Florida spot.