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Monday, September 26, 2011

Futuristic City

I've written several blogs about the Dome Home, and I've mentioned how structurally innovative it was for its time. Although the idea may have seemed crazy to some people, the home was a success. This article reminded me of that...

The reading is about Bangkok and the difficulties they face as a result of flooding and sea level rise. Politicians, scientists, and anyone who cares are all trying to think of solutions to these looming problems. One architect firm in particular has an interesting solution: rebuild the city above the water. There is much disagreement and skepticism, but the architects of the firm S+PBA insist that their idea is plausible. It, like the Dome Home, would utilize solar energy as a source of power. It also would have tunnels with roads, homes, shops, etc. Whether or not they will be given the opportunity to prove that their idea is valid remains to be seen, but if it is indeed possible it could save a lot of money and more importantly, a lot of lives.

Here is a picture that can be found on the website, courtesy of S+PBA:
That is a digital image that predicts what the structure might look like.


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