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Friday, September 23, 2011

It's the Little Things

     I hope that I haven’t sounded too negative in my posts because that wasn’t my intention. Although I believe that more could be done to help our environment, I am also noticing that more and more people are trying to make a difference. In fact, just last night I attended the Make Orange Green Kickoff. It was an event designed to ignite an interest in environmental sustainability. They had several tables set up, guest speakers, energy-efficient cars, and... free ice cream! The ice cream was great, but that wasn't the best part about the kickoff; it was so exciting to see that people actually do care. 
     One table had some facts displayed, and this one caught my eye: "Knoxville was the 19th worst city for ozone pollution in 2009"- American Lung Association. That's terrible! I hate to read that, but it's so important that people hear about that sort of thing so that they are inspired to make a change. Kim Green, the CFO of TVA, spoke last night of the importance of the little things you can do. Turning off the lights, unplugging electronics, etc, are easy adjustments that we could make... we just have to do it! 
     Another important point that Ms. Green made was this: spread the word. Each person can certainly have an impact, but the more people that are involved, the greater the impact. Tell your friends how easy it is to conserve energy (and if you don't care about the environment, maybe you care that it can lessen your electricity bill?). UT Make Orange Green has a facebook account: 

Check it out, and if you think it's a good idea, "like" it... I just did!

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